Case Study: Training sales teams on the go

One of India’s largest financial services provider adopted kPoint to automate its sales training. The result was a dramatic reduction in training time.

The client is an Indian financial services company offering vehicle finance, home loans, SME loans, and a variety of other financial services. The company operates from over 700 branches across India with assets under management above $5.4 billion.

The challenge

With branches spread across the length and breadth of India, the financial services company faced several challenges in training and communicating with its 10,000+ strong on-field sales force. In a dynamic field like finance, where frequent revisions in government policies, RBI guidelines and competitive markets are the norm, sales teams need to stay constantly up-to- date with any product/policy changes within the organization.

The financial major realized that the traditional way of training the sales force through quarterly conferences, was no more efficient or cost-effective. Besides cost, grasping all information in a short span and not recalling it while on the job was posing an even bigger problem. Also, the training quality was largely dependent on the knowledge and experience of the trainer, and so the entire process lacked consistency. And with no mechanism to capture feedback, there was no way to evaluate employees’ comprehension of training imparted.

The Solution

The company made in-house recordings of their training sessions using kPoint. They shared these videos with their sales reps through the kPoint platform. The kPoint team helped create separate channels for each product and department and ensured secure streaming of their content. The sales team found these training videos to be more accessible and engaging than regular classroom training. The use of video ensured uniformity in communication and training, along with saving the company some precious SME bandwidth which was earlier wasted in conducting repeat training sessions.

Apart from hosting videos, kPoint’s distinctive features like quizzes and actionable analytics helped managers track progress, send reminders and ensure 100% compliance of company processes.

The kPoint mobile app provided anytime, anywhere accessibility and resolved all connectivity issues when one had to reach out to clients in distant locations. Sales representatives could download a product video prior to a client meeting and watch it in the field with the offline feature. Additionally, the kPoint Highlights feature helped sales personnel quickly search through the content within the videos and watch relevant snippets to resolve any customer queries.

Deployed on more than 7,000 mobile devices, kPoint is helping the finance corporation connect better with their sales team and in turn with their customers.

Key business outcomes

  • Uniformity in communication and training
  • SMEs more productive, with the need for repeat training sessions nullified
  • Managers aligned data with business goals and could motivate teams to meet sales targets
  • Quick customer query resolution
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